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To my daughter LED candle



Add to the ambiance of your camping experience and display your love of camping with this unique moving flame LED candle. RV & tent safe and safe around children, pets, and the elderly. No more worrying about the dangers of having an open flame in environments where everyone is in close quarters. This moving flame LED candle is made of white unscented paraffin wax and features an automatic 5-hour timer that can turn the candle “ON” and “OFF” at the same time every day. The candle also has a built-in receiver for the optional hand-held remote control (sold separately). A 3-position switch on the bottom of the candle turns it either “ON” or “OFF” or puts it in the automatic 5-hour "TIMER" mode. When the switch is in the “ON” position, the optional hand-held remote control feature is active. Since this candle is made of real wax, it is recommended for use indoors or outside in cool, shady areas. Uses 2 x D alkaline batteries (sold separately).
Our realistic moving flame LED candles are inspired by technology developed for commercial and entertainment applications and are the most realistic flameless LED candles on the market today. The realistic moving flame effect is created by a pair of opposing magnets. A fixed magnet is attached to the bottom of the flameless wick, and an opposing electromagnet is positioned below the flameless wick. This system causes the flameless wick to move back and forth in a seemingly random fashion. This motion coupled with the focused light generated by a warm white LED light results in a realistic flame that dances and flickers before your eyes and is almost impossible to distinguish from a real flame! Since there is no burning wick, these candles are safe around kids, pets, and the elderly. There are also no potentially harmful toxins that are emitted which makes these candles a perfect solution for asthma and other respiratory sufferers as well as the environment.


  • Eliminates the Fear of Having an Open Flame
  • Safe Around Kids, Pets, and the Elderly
  • Realistic Moving Flame Technology
  • Long-Lasting Warm White LED Light
  • Made of White Unscented Paraffin Wax
  • Oblique Top With Wavy Edges
  • Runs on 2 x D Alkaline Batteries (Sold Separately)
  • 500-Hour Battery Life
  • Flame Tolerates Windy Conditions
  • Automatic 5-Hours "ON"/19-Hours "OFF" Timer Feature
  • 3-Position “ON/OFF/TIMER” Switch On Bottom of Candle
  • Remote Control Enabled For Use With Optional Hand-Held Remote Control (Sold Separately)

Low Battery Indicator

LED candles will begin flashing or flickering when the batteries are too weak to properly power the candle. Replace the batteries if the candle begins flashing or flickering.
Timer Function

When the 3-way switch on the bottom of the LED candle is placed in the TIMER position, the candle will enter the TIMER mode and will remain ON for 5-hours, and then the candle will turn OFF for 19-hours. The candle will repeat this ON/OFF cycle while the switch is in the TIMER position. The TIMER mode can be exited by sliding the switch to either the ON or OFF position. The optional hand-held remote control will not control the candle when the switch is in the TIMER or OFF position.
Remote Control

The “Happy Camper” candle is remote control enabled and can be turned ON and OFF with the optional hand-held remote control (not included). The 3-way switch on the bottom of the candle must be in the ON position for the remote control to control the candle. The remote control will not control the candle if the switch is in the TIMER or OFF position. When the switch is in the ON position, and the candle is turned OFF with the remote control, the candle will continue to draw a small amount of power. If the candle is going to be turned OFF with the remote control and left OFF for an extended period of time, it is recommended to slide the 3-way switch on the bottom of the candle to the OFF position in order to preserve the battery life.


2 x 1.5VDC D-Cell Alkaline(Sold Separately)

Protective Wrap

Comes With Clear Acrylic Protective Wrap to Protect Wax and Graphic

Dimensions (Diameter x Height)

  • 2.95"x4"
  • 2.95"x5"
  • 2.95"x6"






1 x Warm White (~2700K)

LED Life


Battery Life

Approximately 500-Hours (Alkaline Batteries)


Auto “ON"/"OFF”:5-Hours “ON”, 19-Hours “OFF”


ON/OFF/TIMER via 3-Way Switch on Bottom of Candle


Paraffin Wax Shell


FCC Part 15 Class D Digital Device

Location Rating

Indoor (Avoid Excessive Heat & Direct Sunlight)